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Princess Cruises


Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises-Honeymoon Vacations“Escape completely with Princess Cruises. With over 100 unique cruise itineraries to more than 300 destinations, Princess can show you the World. Princess Cruises are meant for people who love to be pampered.”

Today, Princess Cruise Lines’ signature emphasis is on “Personal Choice Cruising”. Each vessel in the fleet offers its own version with multiple dining choices, varied entertainment selections and a wide range of activities and amenities. Princess guests can create their own personal vacation experience suited to their special preferences and needs.

Cynics would argue that the popularity and reputation of Princess Cruises owes as much to the fact that the kitsch TV show “The Love Boat” was filmed upon ships from the line. Those who have taken Princess Cruises  for a holiday have tended to find that despite the company’s mid-range reputation, the product they offer is more than satisfactory. One undeniable fact is that the line has a better passenger to space ratio than the big guys, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, and in a setting where space is always going to be limited to some extent, little things like that can make a lot of difference.

Princess want you to feel at home and want you to have what you want when you want. They offer “personal choice” dining, with a freedom to choose from several different restaurants, including specialty restaurants and a pizzeria, with varied menus suiting everyone.

The entertainment is flexible, ranging from comedians, magicians and Broadway-shows in the main lounge, to live music and dancing floors in smaller lounges. Each ship also offer a discotheque, and a casino for those who want to go clubbing or play roulette.

When it comes to accommodations, an Princess Cruises offer comfortable staterooms, and a lot of rooms with private balconies with affordable prices. 

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